20 Questions

20 Questions to Re-Start Your Life

    1. What is present in your life that you feel truly grateful for?
    2. Briefly describe your current situation.
    3. What about that situation do you want or need to change?
    4. What is NOT in your life that you want?
    5. My present challenge is:
    6. What is the cost of NOT addressing this challenge?
    7. What do others say they like about you?
    8. What do you most like about yourself?
    9. What are your top 5 Strengths? (Think about your past successes. What strength did you use (skills + interest=strength) to achieve that outcome?)
    10. Which of these strengths do you have most interest in putting to work now?
    11. What were you doing when you felt most absorbed and lost track of time?
    12. What makes you “come alive?”
    13. What were the dreams you had as a child?  What did you want to give to the world when you were young?
    14. What are the dreams you now have?
    15. What might you want to do that makes the world a better place?
    16. What is the most profound experience you would like someone else to have?
    17. What is the most important guidance you did not receive enough of as a child?
    18. How does it feel when you share that quality or guidance with someone else?
    19. What do you think you were born or called to do? (What is Life asking from you?)
    20. What three steps can you take in the next week to follow up on any insights that came to you in answering these questions:

Other Notes:

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