Why Getting Your Whole Team on Board Is Critical to Your Success

Why Getting Your Whole Team on Board

Is Critical to Your Success


Most entrepreneurial and start up company success is due to the focus, commitment, and perseverance of the head guy.  His or her great idea and immense energy to accomplish something new, achieve a breakthrough, and claim the reward is powerful.  Then, as his or her enthusiasm filters down, permeates and cascades throughout the organization, employees all line up and all push in the same direction.  Obviously, the initial great idea that begins the whole enterprise fills the gap of what’s needed in the marketplace, and the contribution of good skills is necessary to sustain the movement toward success.


But the reason such a high percentage of companies don’t make it is this: that enthusiasm and initial synergy dissipates as next steps are taken, and team/employee commitment wanes.  And similarly, the reason stage four companies often just hang on and don’t innovate is because the “why bother” factor comes into play.


The antidote for this dissipation of energy is renewed enthusiasm and inspiration brought about by involving the team players in a meaningful, open discussion of lessons learned to date, creating new goals and action plans supported by a powerful new paradigm, and identifying individual accountability.  We all know this, but the time to do it slips away as urgent deadlines stare us in the face.


The strategic planning session—usually a two day off site meeting, needs to be followed up with monthly accountability sessions that clearly spell out where the team and individual players stand on reaching the goals that have been set.  And celebrating wins is critically important, just as learning why targets were not met is uncovered in an atmosphere of mutual support.


This effort, as described by the Best Year Yet® process, is Gold Time Management.  And by having a skilled facilitator get you through the process, you’ll ensure future wins are sustained and built upon.


So, bottom line: get your whole team on board, open the throttle of full communication, and reap the reward of accelerating growth and achieving the potential you know is possible.

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