Develop a Life Purpose Statement to Shift the Creative Process flow from Inner to Outer

Having worked with thousands of individuals in career transition and change for over 20 years, a small minority find themselves in a life, as well as career transition, and are ready to question what they really want to do. My workbooks, “Take Charge of Your Career Success” and “Creating and Living Your Purpose” include numerous questions to engage clients in self discovery, as well as exercises to complete to help guide these individuals to a greater understanding of who they are, why they are here, and how they might want to contribute or make a difference in life. These folks, usually 50+ years old, are ready to discover and live from their true authenticity, as opposed to ways they were taught, conditioned, or guided to think was the “right” way to take on the responsibility of earning a living and providing for themselves and others.


The key ingredient that this group has that others do not is this: they have begun to question their lives, and have a growing value of becoming more aware. They have a nagging feeling that life is passing them by, and they want to feel a greater sense of wholeness, rather than being stuck in the same old rut, however deep or shallow it may be. They want change, are somewhat ready to engage their fears, and are ready to take the leap from what is familiar and known to what is unfamiliar and possible – maybe even exciting! They have crossed over into the domain of Heart-centered Knowing from Body-Mind Thinking, with the difference looking something like this

                         Body-Mind Focus:                         

Drift along, however life happens

 Heart-Centered Focus:


To grow, develop, ‘Be’ & express your best

Give in to convenience of comfort

Live and act from Purpose (vs. convenience)

Avoid responsibility/complain

Take Charge of Your Life!

Avoid difficulties; stay in a cocoon

Take risks; learn from challenges

Consume, want more

Be reverent and grateful

Focused on pleasing self/judging others

Practicing kindness and compassion


It is this type of individual that I love working with – those wanting to dive under the surface, discover deeper insights about themselves; to live more in the moment while sharing passionate energy with others, making a difference, and contributing where there is a need. These individuals seem to and have a common interest inf living from a sense of Heartfelt or Life Purpose.


In my view, helping an individual discover his or her Purpose requires the skill of a good coach who can ask the right questions, while helping their clients discover and combine their strengths, values, commitments, passions, dreams, and calling into a Purpose Statement. And out of one’s Purpose Statement flows a clear Vision, focused Intentions, specific Goals and a Plan of Action. I view the Purpose Statement like “putting one’s rudder in the water, rather than letting the wind (outside circumstances) take the boat in whatever direction it is heading.”


About Jim

Jim’s innovative and influential style of coaching and facilitation stems from over 15 years of Management experience in Human Resource and Organization Development. He has written two books, and has coached others in the area of Personal Development for the past 20 years.