Be the Source

(This article was adapted from an email received from Neale Donald Walsch on 10/23/13, and modified by me.

Neal Donald Walsh is the NY Times bestselling author of Conversations with God books.)

So many of us struggle with the belief in “not enough”. We don’t feel worthy, good enough, or have enough to be happy . . . or so we think. But the truth is we haven’t found the secret as yet to be happy, or know how to put the secret into practice. Friends, the secret is this: There is nothing you have to DO to make your life better!

Your growth process is already and always complete. You were born perfect, and you remain perfect. Nothing is wanted, nothing is needed, nothing is missing. The big secret we all often miss is that our purpose here is not to somehow become more than we are, or even to have more than we do, but to simply experience who we are. Our life is not about somehow becoming better, higher, greater . . . our purpose here is simply to be—fully and completely—who we were when we first arrived.

What if you could let go of all your day-after-day striving? All that struggle and need to have, to be, to do? What if you could be totally content and completely satisfied with YOU, exactly as you are, in this moment, right now? Would that experience feel like joy, like satisfaction and maybe even true self-love? YES, it would!

So, if there is nothing we have to do or be to feel complete, how do we go about living life?  Secret #2: You are not here to acquire, but you are here to give. You are here to demonstrate and express.

If you wish to experience more wisdom in your life, demonstrate the wisdom you already have. Do you desire more clarity in your life, so that you can make a choice about something? Demonstrate the clarity you already have. Whatever you wish to experience more of in your life, simply do your best to demonstrate that you already have that in plentitude.

You can live this in your everyday life by remembering this phrase: “Be the Source.” When this becomes your guiding principle, the goodness of life flows and moves through you into physical form, expressing as you desire!

If you catch yourself saying to yourself, I wish I had work I love to do . . . I wish I had a bigger pay check and bit more money right now . . . I wish I had more friends and companionship . . . I wish my health was a little better . . . I wish I had more wisdom, more clarity, more understanding, more awareness . . . remember this: whenever you wished you had more of anything, sit down and consider whether there was anybody else around you in your life, friend or stranger, who also wanted or needed more of that, who might even have less of it than you do. Then be the source of that in the life of another!


Whenever you want more of anything at all, simply find other people who want those things, too, and gave it to them. You will actually get such a “charge” out of this, such an energy lift, that suddenly your whole life purpose will change. You will no longer try to get things for yourself, but begin having things so that you might give them away! When your purpose is to give something away to others, the universe supplies you with an unlimited amount of it, because the universe knows there are a lot of people out there who are now depending on you to Be the Source of it.

And here’s the best news of all: as you give to others in need, life feels like a flowing river of joy because you are living in the moment and sharing from your heart. You realize that there is no separation of “me” being different from “you”, and you will experience the profound happiness of discovering oneness here on earth.

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