What We Take for Granted Is Powerful Healing and Life Energy

Hello from chilly Vermont! (A bit of snow last night is casting doubt on the arrival of Spring!)
Now, about an important topic, at least to me~
For most of my life, as I recently learned, I have repressed my breath from a habit of somewhat “anxious thinking,” leading to lower energy and poorer health than I would otherwise have enjoyed. I am committed to changing this habit, and now is the perfect time for me to really breathe! Which is why I have signed up to hear Gay Hendricks, one of my favorite authors, share his wisdom on Wednesday evening. Hope you can make it to this free call as well.
Breath and spirit are intricately–and inextricably–connected. Our emotional history is connected to our breath. Our consciousness expands with each breath, and our bodies are recharged by it.
In short, breath is a gateway to our full, divine life and consciously working with the breath can dissolve old traumas, bring us into a state of love, and open the gateway of our creativity. And now you have the opportunity to learn how to harness the power of your breath as bestselling author, transformational leader and one of the masters of conscious breathwork, Gay Hendricks is hosted by The Shift Network on a FREE call, Wednesday, March 12th at 5:30 pm Pacific: 3 Keys to Awakening Your Breath.
During this free training, Gay will reveal the 3 Keys to Awakening Your Breath, and how when you do this, you can reduce stress in your life, increase your energy and become fully present through the power of your breath.
Gay’s proven methods will give you an opportunity to:
Heal old wounds to open you up to genuine bliss
Transform your relationship to your body so you feel alive and open
Deepen your spirituality and devotion
Live with a completely new, joyful awareness
Gay has spent the past 40 years unlocking the secrets of the breath. (You may have know of him through his bestselling books he’s written with his wife Kathlyn–including the landmark Conscious Loving.)
He’s helped thousands of people put their breath to work to heal broken marriages, clear limiting beliefs, create great abundance, reinvigorate depleted bodies, and breathe in new dreams.
And now, he’s making these practices available to you on a free teleseminar!
I don’t know of any other practice as essential to the New Era we’re in than the ability to access the power and healing of your own breath. Hope you can join me on the call this Wednesday!

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