Three Steps to Create the Work You Love!

“Getting a job is tough enough . . . are you saying that I can actually love my job, and that it’s possible to make it happen?” YES, for sure! And you can start right now to create it. The good news is that taking this three step route is more fun, rewarding, and easier than trying to get a job the way most of us have been taught. “Wow . . . Tell me more!”


Whatever you are thinking about your job, or how hard it is to find work, or how frustrating work is . . . you are right. For whatever you hold as a non-physical belief tends to come about in the physical world. But the same is true for finding work you love. Only you might also have to engage this three-step process, outlined below, to achieve your dream.


Step One: Discover the real truth about who you are.

The key here is that if you try to be someone you think you should be, or do not really want to be, or are not gifted enough to be, then no matter how hard you push you will never be fulfilled. The key word here is “be”. Tune in and BE your natural self, first; then the rest of the process flows more easily. Other important words, in addition to “natural self”, are “authentic”, “aligned”, and “true.” Find out that which is true for you and aligned with your soul.


I suggest to clients that a great way to “hear your soul nudging you in a certain direction aligned with your natural self” happens best in what I call meditative silence and contemplative listening. I do not know of a better way to describe this attuning process to your Inner Being, in which resides perfect wisdom and love energy, and is always present within you. However, it also does work for many to ask a question before entering this Sacred Silence, and listening with a receptivity followed by taking notes on what you silently heard or felt.


As a Career Coach for over twenty years I have found that most of my clients have trouble claiming or saying out loud exactly what their values, strengths, and passions are.  In fact, just sharing with me their strengths is hard enough. So in addition to attuning to and discovering a deeper awareness to you Authentic Self from which arises pure creative energy, your step one also includes a self-discovery process in which you claim your strengths and passions that form the basis of manifesting Intentions (step three).


OK, so once we know what inspires us and what we may be passionate about doing for true career/life fulfillment, we also need to see how our gifts can make a difference in the world. Life can become just mediocre if we are mostly self-involved in going after what we want; but it can also be joyous if we engage in contributing our gifts to others in need. This, then, culminates in a Life Purpose Statement from which we can base our actions. And with a deep commitment to our purpose, we can choose to stay on a course of action that, in the moment, might not be easy, comfortable, or filled with personal pleasure. But yet a course of action that is not only worthwhile and ultimately greatly rewarding, but one that builds greater character, strength, and expresses our Personal Power.


Arriving at a Life Purpose Statement isn’t exactly like pulling teeth, but it may very well be difficult. Why? Because we live in a conditioned culture where we may have come to believe that we are not good enough, skilled enough, or worthy enough to actually make a difference in the world and to manifest our dreams. Which takes us to . . .


Step two: Discover and overcome your limiting beliefs.

We all have them ─ no one is exempt. Before the age of six or so, we take in information without the ability to discern if it is true or not, or at least assign an interpretation that is accurate. So with each little (or big) critical remark, we often claim “not good enough” as who we are. And they add up. In school we are measured by tests, and more opportunity to judge ourselves as “missing the mark.” And so it goes . . .  until we stop and discover that our interpretation may be false, and we can take authority over our thoughts and feelings. (I provide a structure for this with a “five-step pivotal technique process” I teach). In fact, it is often humorous to discover that how we thought and believed ourselves to be (beliefs are just thoughts reinforced over time), it is just not the truth. Try this sometime: if there is a belief you hold of not being “good enough” at something you think is important to your future success, ask a few friends or colleagues to give you some examples of how well you do at this activity. It just might amaze you to find that the facts are not consistent with your belief, and you can just let that one go.


While there are more beliefs to overcome, “not good enough” or some variation of it is probably the biggest. Which is why I find every opportunity to acknowledge my clients, and encourage them to acknowledge themselves every chance they get. These actions build confidence, the single most important ingredient to achieving career success.


Step Three: Manifest the Dream!

It is one thing to know who we are and what kind of work we want to show up in our life, how our aspirations can make a difference in contributing our strengths to others, and how to eliminate those beliefs that stop us in life. Yet there is still a ways to go, which requires us actually taking those actions that will lead us to our intended destination.


And there may be more skills to pursue a job search, like what makes up exceptional marketing materials, how best to communicate our strengths with others, what goes into a good networking session, and how best to answer interview questions. And it is hard to take all this on by ourselves, which is why having a Career Coach might prove the difference between success and less than success. However, once these skills are learned and practiced, and one becomes competent in applying them along with feeling confident, then “if it’s going to be it’s up to me,” as the saying goes. True, but there’s help along the way. Let me explain.


One way of moving forward, which I call “the old way”, that has been around maybe forever, is to set a goal, determine the appropriate action steps, and charge ahead until the finish line is crossed. Kind of like a football team charging down the field, only to be stopped by opposing forces. Seems like one could get roughed up using this process! So, fortunately, there is another way that makes use of the word “manifest”, which is different than achieve.


Many teachers, coaches, writers, and thought leaders are using the term “manifest” these days because the process starts from within us, expresses outward, and combines with non-physical universal forces that are conspiring on our behalf. (If it sounds like voodoo, it’s really not ─ it works as does the theory of Quantum Physics.)  OK- now that we’re past that hurdle, what happens next is this: from a committed and felt vision as actually present in the now moment, opportunities appear, and inspired ideas can lead to actions from which something delightful happens.


Which may be what we want . . . or maybe not.  According to one source of wisdom, if we intend an outcome that includes a sort of “wobble” present, that is, if there is some dissonance or negative belief lurking it will insert itself into the equation and will ultimately overpower your desire, which might cause you to push even harder for the outcome you want resulting in a back and forth battle between your conscious and unconscious self and cause this “wobbling effect”!


The BIG distinction is this: if what shows up is not wanted, it must still be embraced ─ without frustration or upset . . . i.e., without resistance.  Then, it is just back to the beginning by choosing a clear and satisfying feeling to begin with, and without judgment, starting again in the process of Intention-Vision-Inspiration-Action-Result. Janet Atwood, NY Times Best Selling Author of The Passion Test, calls this process Intention─Attention─No Tension, which I think is a great way to think about accepting life ─ without fighting it ─ yet holding to that vision which inspires us as we persist toward our dream of rewarding and fulfilling work.


Manifesting is an extension of the theory, “what you focus on is what you get”, but goes a bit further by including the “Law of Attraction” in this way: what you desire to manifest needs to be a pure and authentic vision-feeling arising from within yourself without any wobble!


Summary: There are 3 Steps to Success!

Manifesting your dream life/job is about claiming and being true to yourself, living in the moment, focusing on your vision, pivoting away from old beliefs that don’t serve you, and taking action on inspired thoughts that arise. I think this is the “fun way to go”, or at least should be. If the process begins to stress you out, return to bucket #2 and check to see if there just might be a limiting belief you hold that is gumming up the works!


Final Thoughts: think and feel goodness

Above all else, have fun in your quest, and focus your attention on the positive and what is working. Claim success, however small. And when you catch your mind starting to see the negative, thank it for sharing, but quickly return to what you are grateful for. Look through the eyes of appreciation rather than condemnation.


I say this not because it’s a nice commentary on how to live life . . . but rather because whatever you fill your mind with is what manifests. A grateful and positive mind, coupled with feelings of appreciation, actually attract good things coming your way. The Universe is always conspiring on your behalf, but needs a little encouragement and participation from you to keep the flow going and the good coming your way!


Jim Koehneke is a Life Coach committed to assisting people discover their Soul Purpose,  overcome limiting beliefs, and be that person who lives from passion, acts with power, and manifests their dreams.  To learn more about Jim or to contact him directly, please go to: www.loveyourworktoday.comor email, or call him in Vermont at 802-857-5641.

About Jim

Jim’s innovative and influential style of coaching and facilitation stems from over 15 years of Management experience in Human Resource and Organization Development. He has written two books, and has coached others in the area of Personal Development for the past 20 years.