Claim Your Authority to Create an Inspired Life!

Some of us go through life stuck in our personal story and make up convenient reasons to try and fool others and ourselves by hiding out or playing small, while all the while we could be living life driven by inspiration and the inner desire to express our power, make joyful contributions to others, and feel an amazing alignment with that which many call Source Energy flowing through us. And rather than spending our waking hours living each moment in abundant ‘joie de vivre’, we often focus on changing the past or wishing for a better future while telling ourselves why we can’t be successful, or how outside circumstances keep us stuck. Rubbish, eh? Let’s take out the trash!


We all have them: beliefs, that is. (Please note: we don’t call them “truths” for good reason!) Here’s how beliefs came into our lives: at some point, usually in early childhood, we made certain interpretations we thought were true and kept repeating them over and over until we forgot they were just thoughts. (Until the age of about seven we did not even have the capability to know that the false interpretations we made up were just momentary perceptions in that moment.) After years of living and repeating these thoughts as factual, they turned into what now might feel like solid truths . . . and these beliefs became “rules” for us to live by.


Having covered lots of ground and become a bit wiser now, we have the opportunity to see these interpretations in a new light: how they stop us, how to let them go, and how to replace them with way more empowering thoughts that serve instead of limit us.


To return to your natural state of abundant creative energy flowing through you — expressing outward and manifesting in physical reality — it is critical to get a fresh start and reclaim authority over your mind. To find a pathway back to the truth of your Basic Goodness (filled with inner joy along with competence, enthusiasm and a vision of possibility), it may be necessary to take a stand, claim your power, and choose what you want to believe. The task is this: become aware of what nonsense you might be telling yourself; create a joyous feeling of goodness, happiness, gratitude, or love; and reframe any pre-conditioned thoughts turned into a habits that may be holding you back. These false beliefs may be causing you to play small, and limit the experience of having a creative life of joyful self-expression.


Sound like an overwhelming task? It’s really not — if you think of employing the mind shift technique (below) one moment at a time — along with the opportunity to practice it again and again until the old habit is reversed and you have embedded new thinking to guide you creatively forward in life.


As you hold strong to your vision and repeat affirmations aligned with emotional energy and focus, (like energy attracts like energy), you can avoid slipping back into old or familiar thinking that might have you temporarily stuck in a rut! So, to step out of that  rut you might occasionally find yourself in, use this Mind Shift Technique:


  1. Notice: become aware of what limiting thought is holding you back from fully expressing your power
  2. Check out: Is it really true or merely a false interpretation you made up?
  3. Pivot: feel the power of acting as if just the opposite is true, and watch the old false belief just fade into the background
  4. Tell yourself: “That’s what I mean!” and imagine an inspired future unfolding and supported by the new “truer” belief you are holding!
  5. Practice: whenever you are beginning to feel “tangled up” or anxious, reclaim your authority to change the thought-feeling you are using in that moment
  6. Feel: notice the joy arising within you, emerging from the thoughts and feelings you decide to use in every moment
  7. Allow: let gratitude wash over you for having this experience, knowing you are the creative source for powerfully manifesting whatever you desire in life

About Jim

Jim’s innovative and influential style of coaching and facilitation stems from over 15 years of Management experience in Human Resource and Organization Development. He has written two books, and has coached others in the area of Personal Development for the past 20 years.