Heard Your Soul Calling Lately?

Most, if not all of us, have a “calling” waiting to be heard, but few of us actually hear it because of the “noise” of thoughts rushing though our minds. So the first step in hearing the “call” to uncover your unique Soul or Life Purpose, (or answer to any question you might have), is to quiet the mind through meditation.


Meditation is a simple process, yet requiring a good bit of practice to embed the habit of returning to present moment awareness where we can enter the space of “Sacred Silence” and receive the answer that you seek, such as “What is the most meaningful and joyous way to express myself in the world in a way that also provides the prosperity I want?”


Meditation is now taught in teaching Universities throughout the country to help patients and community participants deal with health issues, reduce stress, and overcome chronic pain. The most common form of meditation is to sit upright (additional techniques are taught in various Buddhist traditions) and notice the breath coming in and going out. As thoughts enter (like planning something to do in the day or recalling a memory of the past) the process is to come back to the body in present-moment awareness by saying “thinking”, and return to experiencing the out breath.


It is normal for we humans to “go off” thinking; it’s our way of doing time travel (engaging the past or future while sitting at home), so rather than criticizing yourself for “going off”, welcome the awareness as a chance to rejoin yourself in present moment reality. Twenty minutes to engage in meditation is often suggested. Meditation practice is also the way to stay “mindful” of that which you are experiencing every moment.


As mentioned above, the purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind; but in addition there is an important added value based on the understanding that energy attracts like energy, and referred to as The Law of Attraction. To receive that which you most want, you must prepare your body/mind/soul energy to align with the “highest” form of answer or insight you seek. If you are all “tangled up” in confusion or inner conflict, the chances of attracting wise energy is pretty much nil. So, in addition to quieting your mind, prepare to receive insight by generating a feeling of inner peace or goodness. In doing this you create a communication pathway from Source to you, (Source is Peace, Goodness, and Love) rather than establishing a blockage or resistance to receiving the answer you seek.


Think of this five-step process to creating the outcome you want, such as acknowledging your Purpose or finding greater meaning in life by doing, contributing, or expressing your authentic self:


  1. Formulate a clear question that will attract the answer you want.
  2. Generate a feeling of goodness, happiness, or whatever brings you joy.
  3. Formulate and ask a clear question in the vibrational-energy-alignment you created by doing the previous step.
  4. Receive the answer or insight you are looking for. (Note: if what you receive feels good, it most likely is coming from Source; and if what you experience feels like confusion, the answer you are seeking is most likely blocked by your mindset or feeling energy.)
  5. Along with feeling enthusiasm, excitement, and fresh ideas arise from within, it is time to take action! Source comes through us, but we are the “apparatus” through which physical manifestation must occur, which we call “outer conditions”.

About Jim

Jim’s innovative and influential style of coaching and facilitation stems from over 15 years of Management experience in Human Resource and Organization Development. He has written two books, and has coached others in the area of Personal Development for the past 20 years.