Use the Law to Attract Your Way to Abundance!

(Adapted in part from a blog post by Pariza Wacek)


We live in a world rift with scarcity thinking. Even the “One Percenters” can’t seem to get enough and are always looking for more. It doesn’t have to be that way for you, however, given whatever circumstances may be present or whatever you currently believe.


The problem with scarcity thinking is that it begets more scarcity (as like attracts like). So the only way to break the habit of scarcity thinking is to turn your thoughts upside-down and implant new thought habits that will attract abundance. Below is a five-step method to take authority over your thoughts and head in a new direction to create not only greater abundance, but also a new-found sense of wellbeing.


Implementing these steps will have you feeling good about the person you are, and wherever you are, in the process of creating and experiencing greater abundance and prosperity:


  1. Start actively looking for evidence of money in your life:


  • Find a penny on the street? Take note!
  • A client paid? Take note!
  • Found a dollar in your jeans’ pocket? Take note!
  • Maybe a friend treated you to lunch; take note!
  • Someone brought you flowers; take note!
  • A prospective client wants to talk to you about your services. (In

addition to taking note, this warrants giving yourself a high five!)


  1. Get a journal and record at least 5 instances of money or abundance in your life every single day.This practice will embed a new habit to support you actively looking for abundance showing up.


  1. Practice feeling grateful for all the evidence of abundance in your life. Feeling gratitude is much more powerful than thinking about gratitude. But thinking affirmatively, when combined with aligned and powerful emotions, does initiate the powerful force of creation. By combining aligned thinking and feeling (that is, your mind and heart agree and are not in opposition with each other), you activate real authority in your life!


  • Feel grateful for what you already have!
  • Feel grateful for that which is on its way to you!
  • Feel grateful for the Law of Attraction that puts you in charge of your

thoughts, and which gives you the power to create the life you deserve!


While abundance does include having more dollars in your pocket (which is spiritual energy showing up in physical form), those dollars won’t magically come flying in the window. As you see opportunities, or feel excited about an idea, this is your cue to take action that manifests abundance through you!


  1. Be patient as you practice activating the Law.  


Patience, mind you, is not something you can make yourself do; but you can set the intention to experience patience. By trying to force your mind into behaving as you want it to, your ego-mind will rebel. However, every time you feel impatient, just interrupt your thinking by taking a slow breath and remind yourself, “Thoughts are now thinking me . . . and I now release whatever thoughts are passing through my mind so I can experience patience once again.” As you come back to your body awareness by taking in a breath, you also come back to the present moment in which you can more effectively request, receive, and experience patience both with the process and yourself. As you shift your thinking, claim authority over your mind gibber-gabber, and re-engage the Law of Attraction, you once again put yourself back in the driver’s seat.


  1. Celebrate yourself for acting mindfully, for taking authority over your thoughts, and for creating the innerconditions (your thinking) that will produce the outerconditions (the outcomes) you want. 


As we humans know all too well, practicing new habits to replace the old ones is not a one-time deal — which is why the verb (practicing) turns into a noun (your Practice)!  So if you find yourself caught in an old negative belief you have unknowingly come to empower (such as, “I’ll never get out of this money jam”, or “I guess I am just not smart enough to be a real success”), STOP! Just having the awareness and wherewithal to notice what’s going on is reason enough to celebrate! Then turn your thought upside down, and along with true feeling say something like “I can hardly believe the way I am attracting money!” or “I am so thankful for my success”!


Knowing that the limiting beliefs you temporarily place on yourself are true only if you make them true, the battle is won! Celebrate the awareness of coming back home to your power, your truth, your authentic self; and maybe even say to your Natural self, “Welcome back good-buddy”!  Gratefully love yourself for having the awareness and making the shift . . . then give yourself a big hug!


What works best in changing habits and newly using the law of Attraction is being somewhat playful — even making the mind-habit-shift into a game. Always be gentle with yourself, and see if you can have fun in the process of claiming full authority over your thoughts and taking charge of your life. Trying to force things along is counter-productive; so just enjoy the process of growing, changing, evolving and being the co-creator of your life.


And there is no reason hurry. ‘Source’ energy is always lovingly attentive, always present, always ready to respond to your thoughts, and always willing to orchestrate new opportunities for you to engage. But it all begins with you taking authority over your mind and emotions, replacing ineffective thought habits with empowering ones, and claiming your freedom to manifest the desires you want by using the Law of Attraction to create abundance.

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