New Beginnings – Not New Goals!

Ah yes, the beginning of a new year. Time to re-commit to losing 10 pounds, making big bucks, being in love with the sweetheart of your dreams, and having the job you really want. But wait . . . it’s not about making goals!

For many of us goals just don’t work, even with holding positive New Year resolutions. Why? Because when we think of getting or achieving something we don’t have, the mind keeps repeating “I don’t have it” and continues to recreate outer conditions that line up with NOT having what we want. True, some people with strong willpower can continue to go after what they want, but it usually takes hard work, struggle, and frustration to get there by changing outer conditions. There is a far easier way to create joy and fulfillment in 2015.

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Creating outcomes, or “bringing to life”, is based on an inner-to-outer method that includes partnering with the “Universe” (or Source energy in continuous flow to support us in life). Ease and success occurs by inserting your heart-felt or soul intentions in the “quantum field of all possibilities” and letting the Universe take on the task of orchestrating opportunities for you to step into. Sometimes cautiously or maybe even reluctantly, because the action called for might seem risky! But hey, taking risks is fun and stepping into the unknown keeps us feeling alive. Especially when we know we cannot fail.

Janet Atwood, one of my teachers, presented the concept of ‘no failure’ quite well with her model INTENTION-ATTENTION-NO TENSION. Meaning this: first ferret out the clear and inspiring deep-down and heart-felt Soul Intention you want to create; and next, give that intention Attention — meaning think about it, take action, and feel the joy of its manifestation – even before it comes into being! Finally, if the outcome that shows up is not what you wanted or expected, don’t fight with it — meaning NO Tension. Just say to yourself, “That’s interesting. What I can learn from this?” Then start the process over again by going back to your clear heart-felt Intention, and so on, until what you do want shows up. And when it does, celebrate your creative achievement and shower yourself with gratitude.

Here’s a good five-step creative process to set up the flow of 2015 showing up in the way you want to have it:

Consider what you presently have as a temporary situation or in contrast to what you do want. Nothing more: no judgment about it, just is, no guilt for having it. Then let it go.

Remember your dream regarding the life you wanted to have that has not yet come true. Some people suggest we have BIG dreams. I suggest you have inspired and heartfelt dreams that resonate with your soul-self. What qre they? Write them down. Then pick the one that speaks to you most emphatically.

Eagerly anticipate the joy of manifesting a new creation by combining your thinking-feeling into a clear and committed vision of exactly what you want.

Attach your vision to a belief that what you want is coming your way. Expect it. Then clearly imagine and experience — in the present moment — of having that which you want. Pretend the future is NOW, and feel the joy of manifesting your desire. Commit to and hold this feeling experience for about a minute. If shorter feels right, go back and do it again later.

Trust that what you want IS coming your way. The Universe has taken charge and is orchestrating possibilities for you to do your part — taking necessary action when opportunities arise. Be patient. You have done your part. No more fussing with trying to manipulate circumstances.

Enthusiasm, or an inspired idea, becomes your cue to charge ahead. Now is the time to be bold, take the bull by the horns, and joyfully hit the ground running toward your dream!

Using this process will put you back in charge of your life, because you will be using your thoughts and feelings to create the outcomes you want, rather than fighting with outer circumstances and negatively reacting to things not working out as you hoped they would.

I want to help guide you to your dream, and  to honor and celebrate your successes. Creating is change in action, and does occur over what we know of as time. I will be your confidant, cheerleader, and guide in the process of helping you manifest your biggest dreams and realize your soul intentions. Email me today to set up a complimentary appointment to discuss how 2015 can be your best year ever:

Finally, three closing suggestions:

1. No matter what is presently going in your life, you can always step out of struggling, in any moment, by saying the word “gratitude”, which will shift your focus onto something for which you are thankful. (For me it’s my family, living in Vermont, and having good friends.) This action can be thought of as “pivoting” to a new thought-feeling reality that enables the creative process to then occur all over again.

2. I am a believer in having only a few solid intentions, not 10 goals, and making one primary. Not to worry, as you are intentional about creating one or two big outcomes, the others get automatically swept into the aliveness you will be experiencing. And it’s good to have at least one “time-bound” result — with an end date for completion.

Ah yes, and sticking to it with heightened commitment surely helps things along. And for me, great results occur if I hire a coach. Last year my Personal Trainer had me feeling fit and healthy, and currently I have engaged a book writing coach to help keep me on track toward my publishing date.

3. There are moments of fun awaiting your inner-to-outer creative achieving. While it’s a good time to plan for the year ahead, with a new-found power of mind-thought-intention you can create very satisfying moments all the time! A fun one for me (as I get older and sometimes fail to remember where I put something) is to intend to find an article, ask for help by turning it over to the Universe, believe I will be guided to it, and voila ≈ I turn my head and look directly at the thing I want! It’s a lot easier that trying to remember what I did with it and when, and where I left it. Try it!


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