Heard Your Soul Calling Lately?

Are you ready to fully express your real power in life? If so read on! Accessing your power best begins by aligning with your deepest and most profound self, or soul, in order to gain important wisdom and positive energy for joyfully experiencing a life filled with meaning and purpose.

While your soul, or your “essence”, is not separate from you, wouldn’t it be great to think of this aspect of you as a wise and loving partner who could offer guidance and nudge you in the direction of expressing what many refer to as your calling? Heck, ministers often feel called to the ministry, Jackie Robinson felt called to be a baseball player, and I feel called to be a coach; so why can’t you have and express your own calling? (Answer: you do and can!) But if you want to know what your calling is you’ll first have to do some prep work.

Most, if not all of us, have some sort of calling waiting to be heard, but few of us actually hear it because of the noise of perpetual thoughts rushing though our minds. So the first step in hearing your call is to put your active mind into a rest mode. This enables you to “hear” the wisdom of Source energy, (also called the God-Force or Universe), flowing in and through you every moment of every day. And one of the best ways to enable you to be in the flow of this wisdom is to engage a practice of meditation to interrupt the ongoing chatter.


The second step, coming from a place of silence, is to ask a question. Like, “What is the most meaningful and joyous way for me to express myself in the world in a way that also provides the prosperity I want?” Or instead of a question, you might ponder the thought, “I wonder what my soul is calling me to do.”


The third step is to sit in silence and wait to feel the impulse of your soul responding to your inquiry. If you feel inspired by what you experience or Intuit, consider it to be ‘good’ information and sets into motion the creative process for action-taking. What actions to take, however, might best be shared and discussed with a Career or Life Coach to help set you on a path to success.

Quieting the mind is not easy business, but very much worth it. For what can come from wisdom is enthusiasm for taking powerful action . . . action that arises from a deep inner calling to be, do, and have experiences that satisfy your most profound longings. And actions which can also arise from a place of compassion that can make a big difference in the lives of others. It is in moments of experiencing your connection to Presence (or feeling the direct flow of Source energy) where you can hear the phone ringing with a call from your soul!


And quieting the mind has an added value. Based on the equation that energy attracts like energy, in order to receive that which you most want you must prepare your body/mind/soul energy to align with and attract that which matches your highest desire. If you are all “tangled up” in confusion or inner conflict, the chances of attracting your desire is pretty nil.


So prepare to receive whatever you want, including fully living what you are called to be and do (what I refer to as your Soul Purpose) by first generating a feeling of goodness that may come by imagining living your dream or having the life you want. In doing this you create a communication pathway from Source wisdom to you rather than having a blockage or resistance to receiving the answers or opportunities you want.


Use the inner-to-outer five-step process below to align with your authentic self, hear your soul calling, and feel the joy in life by doing, contributing, and manifesting the outcomes you desire:


  1. Sit in silence, take three to five slow deep breaths, and formulate a clear question to attract the answer regarding what you want.
  2. Generate a feeling of goodness, happiness, or whatever brings you joy. (You have authority over your mind, so while it might sometimes feel like your mind is running you, just don’t allow it! For instance, imagine having had a particularly good time, or feel grateful for something you care deeply about.
  3. Ask your question from a place of high positive energy that you created by doing the previous step.
  4. Receive the insight you are wanting. Note: wisdom does not typically come in the form of a clear answer, but rather a feeling from to which you “assign” specific meaning. And if what you receive feels good, it most likely is coming from Source; conversely, if what you experience feels like confusion, the information you are seeking is most likely blocked by your mindset, or possibly a limiting belief you might hold.
  5. When feeling enthusiasm, excitement, and fresh ideas arise from within, that is the time to take action! Source comes through us, but we are the “apparatus” through which physical manifestation must occur, which we call “outer conditions”. Jump on it within 90 seconds, even in a small way, to avoid losing enthusiasm for manifesting your desire.


You are here on earth to feel joy, fully express, and create the outcomes you desire. So keep repeating the above steps until you create the life of your dreams!

About Jim

Jim’s innovative and influential style of coaching and facilitation stems from over 15 years of Management experience in Human Resource and Organization Development. He has written two books, and has coached others in the area of Personal Development for the past 20 years.