What to Do When You Feel Stuck

It happens. We get caught up in our lives, dealing with outer conditions that we don’t like and then try to change them. Only to find it’s impossible to make much headway. But, we think, “If only I try harder I can get things to change.” But that doesn’t work so well, frustration builds, and bingo: we feel stuck.


There is a way out of this mess, (one that I found myself in the other day), so I decided to share the process with you that worked for me. It is transformative.


To begin, you and I and your friends, (as well as your enemies), are all born from the same ‘fabric’, or more precisely, ‘energy’. The Source of that energy continually flows in and through us as Goodness, Wisdom, and Peace. Only we typically forget to access it, or we block it out with lots of doing, struggling, and trying. And when we do, we get stuck in our confusion, and attempt to change outside conditions without first going back to our intuitive connection to Source for clarity, inspiration, and connection to our personal power.


Here’s a simple process that will help you make the transition back to being in alignment to Source Power. I call it “Pivoting Your Way Out of Stuck”.


Pause, or better yet, stop from what you are doing. Keeping on the same track when you are “all twisted up” will only make things stay the same, or maybe worse.


Interrupt the “stuckness” by taking a few deep breaths and some physical action to get out of your head. Like stand up, turn around; or just feel the physical sensations in your hands and feet. This will help you return to the present moment, rather than staying caught up focusing on trying to fix the past or taking the worry out of the future.


Value having your feeling, for it is a reminder that you are attracting negative energy. Give it recognition, name it, and watch it as is dissipates.


Orient yourself to the truth: you have authority over your thoughts! Take back your power (rather than keeping it on the outer circumstances), and say “I am in charge of what I choose to think!”


Thank Source (also called the Universe) for holding your power, truth, and goodness while you temporarily forgot how to manage your thoughts. (Gratitude is always a good way to help re-focus your energy anytime.)


Invoke your human “right” to seek assistance by asking for what you want. Sincerely make your request for help in whatever situation you find yourself. (When I am stuck I make my request to Source; when I am not stuck I ask for help from my friends or mentors.)


Next, give your attention back to feeling, not thinking. Focus on and feel renewed energy of goodness and harmony flowing through you. (If needed, imagine any pleasant experience to feel good.)


Gain the clarity that will enable you to go forward. For example, if it is a problem you are trying to solve, maybe first take a walk to clear your head. And when you feel better, take charge once again and start over — back in the driver’s seat!


I think it was Albert Einstein who once said “you can’t solve a problem at the level of the problem”. That’s why calling in the wisdom of Source is crucial to rise to a higher level! With Source as your Co-Creator, you have the power to change your circumstances — not by trying to change conditions, but through the power of your mind. Here’s a suggestion for helping to prevent getting stuck: remember to re-connect with Source energy throughout the day. A quick hello will suffice!


By PIVOTING your way to freedom, you will take back authority over your mind and rediscover the Power within you to create newness, joy, and possibility, anytime, anywhere. And by starting the process with only a few deep breaths, you can get back on track to creating your life the way you want it to go!


About Jim

Jim’s innovative and influential style of coaching and facilitation stems from over 15 years of Management experience in Human Resource and Organization Development. He has written two books, and has coached others in the area of Personal Development for the past 20 years.