Release the Blockage (One that is Keeping You from Attracting Your Good)

A new awareness just arrived in my life today after I asked for and welcomed the information. I had gotten to the bottom of a particular issue I have been trying to resolve or overcome all my life, and finally got very tired of it — that is, trying to fix it by myself. So I surrendered and found myself using a combination of tapping (EFT – see note below) and Contemplative Prayer as described by Father Thomas Keating.
I have been using, or trying to integrate the Law of Attraction into my life, but just discovered that no matter how hard I try to attract what I want, it’s not about trying. Because I can’t do it on my own! I need to surrender and allow the Universe to come to me as I get out of the way.
OK, got it. That understood. Now what? This is what: I had been blocking my good, unknowingly, until I found the cause of my blocking over which I alone, no matter how hard I tried, could overcome. So once I found the source of my fighting against life, I was able to release it and let the flow of Source energy in. What an amazing relief. Like being in an airplane and taking off through clouds and bumby skies, then popping through to a blue open sunshine filled space of Peace and pleasant Joy filling my being.
Rather than go into all the details about my personal situation, here’s the bottom line in a simple five step process of approaching your difficulties and washing them away into a field of relief that automatically raises your “vibration”:
1. Know that you cannot be harmed by fear, negative thinking, or being stuck in any situation
2. Surrender to the truth of Love supporting you, comforting you, protecting you at all times
3. Ask: what is the source feeling/interpretation/thought that is at the root cause of this particular problem or situation I want to free myself from?
4. Experience the feeling/thinking — without trying to change it or make it go away — while tapping on your meridians and reminding yourself that no matter what the circumstance or feeling or frustration, you love and accept yourself completely. Say this to yourself: “Regardless of this feeling (example — of unworthiness) I love and accept myself completely.”
5. Feel the release flowing through your body and the tingling shivering sensation of relief as you identify and release the blockage
(Note: meridian tapping is described by many sources on the Internet. Feel free to check it out.)
Now, after completing this release process, let go and give thanks for evolving in consciousness and coming to a new place in your life in which your new vibration will attract good things into your life (based on your already hoped for desires). Your new vibration, by the way, is “automatic” — in that you released a blockage that was limiting the goodness that is now flowing freely into and through you!
Bottom line: whatever is keeping you from your good is typically held in your subconscious mind by a false interpretation acquired in the first six years of your lives. Find it, acknowledge it, feel it and release it to free yourself from the agony of trying to make change on your own. As you know, the Law of attractionwill match your new vibration and bring forth new opportunities or possibilities into which you take action as the “doer” of manifesting your desires.
(EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique typically referred to as “Tapping”, is a process to help free us from beliefs held in our subconscious minds. I am not an expert in EFT. Please research EFT on your own or find a practitioner to help you personally unravel your blocks to happiness and success. If you are interested in combining EFT with the Law of Attraction, here’s a link:


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