New Beginnings Questionnaire

Create a New You and a New Year Starting Right Now!  

Here are 20 potentially life-changing questions or suggestions to shift your habitual thinking and call forth Your Future Self. These discussion questions (with yourself) are best accomplished with a partner with whom you can be open, truthful and explicitly trust. This is, first and foremost, about shifting your consciousness and claiming a new way of being in the world such that you remain, as best you can, in alignment with the present moment of your amazing and powerful greatest self!

  1. What did you accomplish this past year? (Pick the first 10 that come to mind.)












  1. What were your disappointments? (pick enough to get the picture)










  1. Acknowledge the truth of what’s been going on:
  2. Are you a dreamer, drifter, driven, or just “waiting until your ship comes in?”




  1. Are you successful in all areas of your life? If not, what needs your attention?





  1. What is your story that has you relying on your excuses to get you by?





  1. How would you describe your “way of being in the world?”





  1. How would you like your persona or being to change as a result of becoming more aware of your responses?




  1. What can you take from your brief review as important lessons?







  1. What are 2 quick messages to yourself to remember to do going forward? (ex: “stay focused on the positive,” or “be confident!”)




  1. How do you want to be remembered?








  1. What is most important to you? What are your priorities?








  1. What is the most important change in regarding how you want to be in the world that you really want to make?





  1. Now, taking on this image of a new and powerful you, what are the Intentions you want to see manifested at the end of the year? (It is my suggestion to brainstorm a list on a separate piece of paper by choosing only those intentions that you feel really great about. That is, refrain from believing that any are hard or difficult, too scary, or not really possible. Let your imagination soar with pure desire, knowing that anything you really want, believe you deserve, and think you can achieve is truly possible. Then, after brainstorming your list, narrow it to the five you feel most soulfully connected to.)







  1. What single brave decision do you need to make right now to make this your best year ever? (If this decision is both scary and exciting, this might be the one!)






  1. What will you look back on at the end of the year as your biggest accomplishments?








  1. Describe how you will feel from having lived this year fully engaged in your life and producing amazing and miraculous results. (Note: this one is critical, for it is your feeling in the present moment that will call upon invisible universal forces to start organizing the opportunities for you to step into. It is your feelings that express your energy you put out to the world — the vibrational frequency — that attracts the same experience back to you . . . like a magnet! Therefore, always return to feeling good when you notice yourself feeling agitated in any way.)





  1. What is it you need to commit to with strong resolve in order to make this year happen as you want it to? (Again, this may feel out of your comfort zone, which is normal because you are making a conscious shift from the old mental habits to new and more powerful ones.)





  1. What fresh paradigm do you want to use to sustain your commitment? (Make it short, present tense, specific and inspirational. Like, “I can handle anything that comes my way!” or “I am a fearless creator,” or “I truly love and accept myself no matter what!”)



  1. How will you honor your commitment? What do you need to do to ensure success? (Do you need a partner or a team for instance? Who? What else?)





  1. What new and different actions do you need to START as to create your best year ever? What behaviors do you need to STOP doing that will prevent you from achieving your goals? What actions do you need to KEEP doing that will also support you on your way to success?












  1. Who, besides yourself, will you check in with and be accountable to on a weekly or monthly basis for supporting you in achieving your dreams? (Remember, it is consistent focus and action taking that will help you overcome past habits and achieve your dreams. As new and inspired ideas emerge I encourage you to establish a fresh plan with your coach or partner each month.)




  1. As you review your interim accomplishments and hit new targets it is critical to celebrate your successes, no matter how small or big. For it are these celebrations that will fuel your actions and successes going forward! List a few ways you plan to honor your achievements:






  1. What or to whom do you feel most grateful for at this moment? Make a short list below, right now, and deeply thank them or the condition in your thankful heart.








  1. Finally, I’ll end with this suggestion: stand up, turn around three times in each direction and give yourself a fist pump while saying, “Look world at how powerful I am! See what I am going to create this year? I rock!”



Additional Notes:












 I really want to support you in creating a truly miraculous year!

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