Ten Keys to Successfully Create Prosperity and Serenity in Your Life

As a student of life and learning, I am passionate about the nature of what makes the world tick, and tick successfully. My lessons learned have been absorbed through a myriad of teachers, gurus, books, seminars, and whatever else helped bring greater insight to my awareness. Most recently I have been studying the Law of Attraction as taught by Abraham, and have combined that with what I have garnered from before. The result to date is the following ten key learnings presented below. My hope is that it helps you in joyfully creating whatever it is you desire.

  1. The start of anything, the beginning, sets the stage for momentum to carry that energy forward. Therefore, preparation is key to success. In this case, preparation means alignment with the non-physical part of you, I call your soul, to set the stage for the energy of Goodness to flow forward. Trying to get ahead without this important first step often keeps you struggling to keep up, because the burden is placed on the limited perception of the ego that is aware of far less than that of your soul. The energy flow coming from alignment, on the other hand, fills you with insight, enthusiasm, and guides you toward impulses that translate into action for joy and success.
  1. Important to note is how the vision of desire enters the mind of the seeker. Simply this: the antithesis of current reality or what is in contrast to that which is present. This insight is key because our inclination is to remember what we don’t want — what we are trying to get away from. This thought becomes the thorn in our side, for as we hold the image of what we don’t want we actually draw it closer to us and becomes the disruptive force in creating what we do We can never get away from what we don’t want if we hold it in consciousness, for the law of creative manifestation says that “what we focus on we get.” The energy of positive feeling focused on what we do want is what draws to us the manifestation we seek.


  1. Similarly, when you notice yourself thinking about, worrying about, or fantasizing about the future, bring your attention back to the present day. Rather than thinking daily about your long term goals, put your attention on the intentions you have for today. (“Intentions,” vs goals, invite the co-creative process in which you welcome positive flow energy to provide assistance.)
  1. As stated above, if we focus on bringing about “abundance” but also recall the subtle thought of lack, we create resistance to experiencing our desired good. Instead let you mind focus on any good feeling thoughts that bring you calm, ease, and happiness. For those are also the same thoughts of abundance and invite the FLOW of good to enter your non-resistant and “allowing” mind. The awareness of our nature being pure positive and loving energy remains forever embedded in our soul consciousness, and any good feeling thought reconnects us to our soul-self.
  1. Underlying negative thought is always some form of fear. Whether that is insecurity, unworthiness, or failure, the type of fear thought doesn’t matter. (Some individuals who amass fortunes do not necessarily free themselves from the fear that prompted them to create wealth, even though that might have been their intention.) What does matter is to take charge of your mind and pivot out of that thought so you don’t further attract that same energy back to you. What we humans have forgotten is that we are never left without wholeness and safety, no matter how it may appear of feel in the present circumstance. Any thought that separates you from your divine goodness is a thought born from fear. So just say to yourself, “This thought causes me to feel fear as real, but it is not true.”
  1. The one key thought to use to withdraw your attention from the challenge at hand is “forgiveness,” which allows the situation to be what it is without staying “caught up” in it. Not unlike the process of meditation, just be a witness to what is going on, observing the “movie of the mind” play out in front of you. Or imagine moving from the outside circumference of the fast-spinning storm and withdrawing to the calm, peace-filled eye of the storm. The negative momentum will subside as you withdraw your attention away from whatever seems to be causing you to worry, which in reality is just a mind movie based on a fear-filled false belief.
  1. Unknowingly we have been conditioned from early child raising, cultural norms, and well-intentioned adults from whom we took on false impressions of the way things, or the world, is supposed to work. Notice that whenever you have a knee-jerk reaction it is probably based on a false belief that came from a misguided thought repeated over and over again. No problem; just claim your freedom and independence to decide for yourself what is true for you and not concern yourself with what other people think.
  1. Whenever you are in a situation and feel confused, don’t make an immediate decision. Instead, take a couple of slow deep breaths and ask a question such as, “What is the best course of action to take in this situation,” or “What new information do I need to move forward for the best possible outcome?” Then take another breath or two without trying to figure out the answer. Instead wait and let the answer intuitively come to you. When it feels right, that means you are in alignment with the wisdom of your soul. Then move forward in decision making or action-taking knowing you are primed for the best possible outcome in that moment.
  1. Reinforcement of our natural ability to create what we want calls for acknowledgement and thanksgiving of achieved successes. Stop and remember to celebrate both small and large wins along the way. Doing this keeps you “up to speed” with your desires and supports your energy going forward.
  1. The time elapsed from desired thought to successful completion is dependent on one’s belief or faith that creation is an inner to outer experience that calls upon the wisdom, support, and orchestration of “the Universe” (inspired soul energy) from behind the scenes. As we line up our desire, focus and good feeling thoughts with the belief that they will manifest (cannot help but to manifest) we have set into motion the creative process of unfolding. Which is why we often hear that “the journey is as (or more) important then the destination. Be patient with yourself, for no one I have met has perfectly mastered the process. It’s a learning experience, for sure.

So what’s next? What’s next becomes the awareness of something new desired, for there is somewhat of a vacuum created by completion. But it’s not like we keep going around in circles; it’s more that we are adding to the expansion of our abilities, consciousness, and the Universe. As Eckhart Tolle says, we are God becoming conscious of Itself. And the nature of God is creation, ever expanding outward in love, peace and joy of which we are a part and have a part to play in this game called Life.


About Jim

Jim’s innovative and influential style of coaching and facilitation stems from over 15 years of Management experience in Human Resource and Organization Development. He has written two books, and has coached others in the area of Personal Development for the past 20 years.