What Do You Mean “Give Up my Job!?”

Often good things come from frustrating experiences, as was true in my case. I grew up in the era when parents thought the only important thing in life was to get a job and make lots of money (to support a family, etc.), without regard to who their child was on the inside. What he (or she) was all about, and what their passions were.

So I bobbed and weaved, and tried a few things, including gaining some important clues along the way. When I observed a couple of consultants working with our management team, a whole new world opened up. And I walked through that door and got a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science. I wanted to help people transform their lives!

A few steps later I found myself on the street, having been “let go” from a job at a shipbuilding company training managers how to talk to employees without causing grievances to flow. (Senior management didn’t like that idea, and thought fighting with employees in the role of boss, “my way or the highway” mentality, and telling people what to do all the time was the role of being a manager.) I bounced around some more, and a few jobs later realized I did not have a clue about what my “career” was.

So, having some experience in creating a training program, I said to myself, “Jim, why don’t you teach other people how to find their career so you can learn how to do it yourself?” As I started to think about it, I hit upon a memory of working for a non-profit organization as a volunteer Fundraising Director. The Founder was a guy who was amazingly passionate and committed to what he was doing, and seemed to be living his “purpose” in life. “Ah, that’s it” I thought, and named my training program (and later first book) “Creating and Living Your Purpose.”

Today’s that’s still top on my list of my purpose, along with new and better ways of helping people do that. And here’s why: happy and excited people are apt to be example of how others can be happy too. And happy, enthusiastic people tend to be peace-loving people, and thereby reducing the negative energy in the world that cause anger, frustration, and war. I like peace a lot, so my purpose has some real benefits for me, not just altruistically helping others.

In today’s world, the majority of people I talk to, when mentioning that I am a Career & Life Coach, is something like, “Wow, I need you!” But that brief hello does not go any further. Why? Because it’s hard to change and uproot what you have going. And it’s scary. Fear is what stops most of us from living full-out. But it need not stop you, because I can be at your side (on the phone or internet) guiding and supporting you to live the life of your dreams.

In reference to the title of the book about giving up your job to have a passionate life of living your dreams . . . hold on a minute! Don’t go giving your notice right now! There’s lots of pre-work and preparation to do first. You want to be ready to say good-by to what isn’t you before pulling the plug. And, maybe you don’t actually need to give notice! In the preparation phase of the work we will do together gives you the power, mental tools, and courage to take the steps I will teach you to find what’s missing in your life and the current organization you are in. Change can happen wherever you are, but there are important lessons to lean first to know how to go about creating change.

But here’s the bottom line: isn’t It time you reconnected with who-you-really-are, rather than living a conditioned life of limiting beliefs to please others? And, joyfully express your Power, Purpose, and Passion?  My job is to help you and other mid-career professionals overcome the frustration of working in a job that is unfulfilling, and teach you how to create the life of your dreams. Surely you want the joy of discovering and being in alignment with who-you-really-are, and to fully express your gifts and talents in the world, yes? Sure you do. Because there’s no better way to go through life. Guaranteed.


About Jim

Jim’s innovative and influential style of coaching and facilitation stems from over 15 years of Management experience in Human Resource and Organization Development. He has written two books, and has coached others in the area of Personal Development for the past 20 years.