What Do You Mean “Give Up my Job!?”

Often good things come from frustrating experiences, as was true in my case. I grew up in the era when parents thought the only important thing in life was to get a job and make lots of money (to support a family, etc.), without regard to who their child was […]

Ten Keys to Successfully Create Prosperity and Serenity in Your Life

As a student of life and learning, I am passionate about the nature of what makes the world tick, and tick successfully. My lessons learned have been absorbed through a myriad of teachers, gurus, books, seminars, and whatever else helped bring greater insight to my awareness. Most recently I have […]

The Silent Killer Called Stress

Stress: we all seem to have it these days, or know people who are trying whatever they can to avoid it. Turn on the TV or listen to the radio, and the news initiates a stress response. Or at least our reactive feelings generate that response. And while we continue […]

New Beginnings Questionnaire

Create a New You and a New Year Starting Right Now!   Here are 20 potentially life-changing questions or suggestions to shift your habitual thinking and call forth Your Future Self. These discussion questions (with yourself) are best accomplished with a partner with whom you can be open, truthful and explicitly trust. […]

Enjoy the Holidays – Stress-Free!

Wouldn’t it be great to joyously flow through the Holidays stress-free? Might this be possible for you? “Well, sure, anything’s possible,” you might say. How about extending the no stress experience through March? Might that be possible? “Sure, but are you OK Koehneke? Or have you been dipping into the fruit cake a bit early?” If […]