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Life Coaching is often what makes a great athlete great, the great artist world renowned, a parent raise happy children, or a job seeker successful. It’s about helping anyone play at the top of their game – no matter what the venue.  It’s about starting with your commitment for what you want, asking good questions to raise new awareness, inspire you to action, and partner with you along the way. But the one truth in all cases is this: Life Coaching is only effective if you want it, choose it, are responsible for whatever outcome occurs, and make both learning and persistence a high priority. Sometimes it’s the coach who can see what you don’t, and share what will make your swing even better. Or it may be the voice of a trusted friend who will tell you when you are doing something wrong, or suggest a better way to go about it. And it’s sometimes about helping you face a challenge, confront the unknown, or go through a change when the sky is dark and the clouds are thick. But in the end, it’s about wanting something different, better, or great, and going after it until you achieve your goal.


Career Coaching encompasses Career Transition, Career Development, and discovering what you now may finally want to know: “What the heck do I want to be when I grow up?!” Statistically, about 85% of those working aren’t very excited about their job, feel out of sync with what they are doing, are underemployed, or out of work. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can have work you love, feel value when doing it, and appreciate the rewards. But there are things to learn about yourself, and about how to make the changes that will create the success you want. Career Coaching is what will get you ready for experiencing the greatness of which you are, expressing your best, and engaged in work you love.


Unlike football, Business Coaching works with players who wear different clothes and shoes, and who operate in a team that plays mostly indoors.  But the game is similar: both are about moving the team toward the desired destination and scoring goals. But whereas in football there are four quarters in one game, in Business there are four quarters in a year! In each situation, however, there are leaders, quarterbacks and unsung linemen all contributing a different aspects of accomplishing the mission. And in both cases it’s about motivating the whole team, weeding out poor performers, and helping the good ones get better and the high potentials improve quickly. A Business Coach can make the difference between a winning season, or year, and poor play ending in a loss.


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