Life Coaching

For starters, no one needs life coaching. It certainly isn’t for everyone. But…

It may be for the highly motivated individual seeking better performance outcomes, or for you if you really want to make your wildest dreams come true and play the game of life full out. All of which takes guts and grit – to go above and beyond how most people live their lives. This coaching is for the person who strives to be his or her highest and best self, in any area of life.


And to make that happen, the support of a coach, a structure, and accountability meetings to stay on top of your goals is the ticket to success. The best structure I know of is a simple- to-use online tool from Best Year Yet®. And as a certified coach, I can guide and partner with you to achieve every result and outrageous dream you want.

Life coaching may also be for the individual facing a big life change or transition, who isn’t sure what to do and how to get through it without lots of challenge and struggle. In this situation gaining clarity about one’s current reality, what got you there, and where you want to go is step one. This step may include a suggestion for meditation or connection to Source Energy to develop greater intuitive skills or awareness of one’s calling. Step two is to gain recognition of underlying limiting beliefs that have stopped you in the past, and to learn my unique pivotal technique process to practice whenever they come up. And step three is to both learn a new approach to bringing about your inspired vision (from step one), and to actually manifest it in the “now reality”. This step may include discussion of certain well recognized “spiritual” techniques that are quite effective in this regard.


In either case, this is about “Creating Your Best Year Yet”, a 45-page workbook that takes you through a unique five step HEART Process I developed for those individuals wanting Life Coaching and partnering assistance. And I will happily guide you on this journey, help you over the rough spots, encourage you every step of the way, and be your trusted partner for you achieving success.  If Life Coaching interests you, please contact me to schedule a 30 minute complimentary coaching session to discuss your personal situation.


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