Take Charge of Your Career Success!

Are wishing you were working somewhere else, or have been downsized from a previous position and want to find the next job that is really fulfilling, than this workshop is for you! It can happen. Guaranteed.

The typical way most people go about finding a job may lead to a paycheck, yet without the fulfillment they were hoping to find. This workshop teaches you a different kind of job search process that puts you in charge of your destiny, not recruiters, or job boards, or economic circumstances. The inner to outer job search process will enable you to create the work you truly love.

Isn’t it time to live out of a new paradigm that overcomes limiting beliefs and puts you in charge of your career success? If you are ready to take authority over your fears and concerns, and plunge into a commitment to more fully express the person you truly are, then taking this workshop is the answer.

Prior to the workshop, however, get a head start by downloading my “Take Charge of Your Career Success” Workbook now. Then answer the questions designed to bring you to a new awareness of your authentic self, and learn what to do to bring your dream work into reality.

(If you complete the workbook prior to taking the workshop, I would be pleased to offer you a 30 minute complimentary coaching session to help you sort out next steps and an action plan. Please email me to schedule a time to meet.)

Your life keeps ticking on . . . so why put off being the person you are meant to be. Isn’t it time you landed the job of your dreams?

Creating & Living Your Purpose!

The truth is that most people are either underemployed, not happy with the job they are in, or unemployed. Along with that comes feeling frustrated, confused, or helpless . . . and not knowing what to do to change their situation.

If you find yourself in this category, take heart!Yourlife can change!If you want to discover and powerfully express what I call your Unifying Soul Purpose that is deep within you, then this workshop is for you.

Prior to taking part in the workshop, you can also purchase my workbook on this site, and begin to review the process that will lead you to Creating and Living Your Purpose, right now. This 56 page workbook will guide you in researching your own Strengths, Mission, Passions and Calling in order to create your own unique Purpose Statement and powerful Vision. You will also gain an understanding of the newest brain-mind process to overcome limiting beliefs and bring about that reality which you are most committed to.

If after completing the workbook on your own you would like to discuss next steps, I will be happy to offer a complimentary 30 minute to review to help guide you in creating a new and exciting future. (Please email me to set a meeting date.)

Create Your Best Year Yet!

Wouldn’t it be great to feel totally aligned with your intentions, live more passionately, and turn your goals from dreams into reality? You can do it, and this workshop will teach you the path to becoming a Master of Creating Results.

The workshop, or self administered Workbook will help you gain an understanding of your strengths, passions, values, and purpose. In addition, you will learn from past lessons and create new guidelines; overcome limiting beliefs and identify a new paradigm to live from; and prioritize key goals for the year.

After completing the workshop or workbook, I encourage you to put your plan into the Best Year Yet® Online system that will summarize your top ten goals for a year, and provide an easy-to-use system to track, score, and create new monthly action steps that lead to completing your plan. (Contact me for linking to your Best Year Yet® Online system.)

The bottom line to becoming a Warrior for Success is to be aligned with your purpose, accountable to yourself, overcome limiting beliefs, and not pay so much attention to the old habits of procrastination and pleasure seeking. Start now by downloading your Workbook to discover what it is like to live a joyfully, aligned with your authenticity, honoring your heartfelt dreams, and making a difference in the world.