Business and Life has gotten so complicated that it almost seems stress cannot be avoided. As stress carries over from work to home and back again, productivity suffers, unnecessary costs are incurred, and worker satisfaction diminishes significantly. As more conflicts arise good working relationships slip by the wayside. Employees call in sick and overwhelm causes people to check out or “retire at their desks.” All this leads to reduced profit margins, poor quality work, and customer attrition.

Reducing stress in the workplace by encouraging employees to exercise more, stop smoking, change their eating habits, or reduce their intake of alcohol are important conversation to have, but are not the same as a creating a stress-free workplace. A stress-free workplace happens from the inside-out; that is, changes need to first occur in the minds and hearts of people before behavioral changes can effectively take place. And employees need to know how to make that happen.

Jim works with individuals, teams, and organizations to develop and help implement new state-of-the-art initiatives that turn the stress problem into a stress-free workplace. The process typically involves meetings to understand the situation and discussions to help clarify the most pressing issues followed by a proposal to address the problems. Initiatives typically include management coaching and employee workshops, followed by individual employee coaching to help embed the teachings to bring about lasting change.

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